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Business Valuations For All Purposes

Find out how much your business is worth. Charles Perry, PC, values businesses according to the standards set out by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). The IRS has a very detailed set of rules governing business valuation, and we have the training and experience to ensure total compliance.

How Much Is Your Business Worth?

Valuing a business is often a complex process, and the result may surprise you.  Furthermore, the amount it is worth varies depending on the reason for the valuation. We use a thorough interview to analyze your business model and identify any intangible value you might not know about. A business you think is worth $1 million may be worth only $100,000 - or it may be worth $20 million.

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Researching Value

Who Needs Business Valuation?

Anyone who wants to determine how much their business is worth can benefit from valuation. Common reasons for business valuations include:

• Divorce Settlements
  • Litigation Support
• Damage Assessments • Tax Compliance